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"I've known and worked with Greg for 15 years. He's an honest, straight shooter who is well known and well respected in the industry. If you're looking for a resume clearing house, Greg is not your guy. However if your looking for someone who will take the time to truly understand your needs and will help you find that special candidate or position, he is your man."

"I have worked with Greg Neighbors, Kutt Incorporated, to assist in our professional recruitment for hard to find talent at many different levels within the organization. Greg is very well networked within the printing industry. He saves me time (and money) by screening and presenting candidates that meet our requirements. There are no surprises with Greg Neighbors. He is representing our Company and he is the first impression someone may have of Quebecor World. It is very important that the first impression is a very positive one!"

"I have worked with Kutt, Inc. for over 20 years. Compared to the few other national print recruiters I do business with, Kutt always refers qualified candidates that meet my expectations and services my business to the point that a great personal friendship has developed".

"I have worked with Kutt, Inc. several times over the last few years with success in placing candidates within my Company. Greg Neighbors works very hard to gain good candidates quickly. He follows up with both the candidate and myself and provides timely references for the candidates as well. I would highly recommend working with Kutt, Inc."

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